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About us

Established in the autumn of 2006 by fellow owner Gary Davies, Kreative Hair & Beauty Distribution Ltd was formed to import and distribute Japanese stainless steel hairdressing scissors.

The underlying goal was to identify a range of scissors which gave both excellent quality combined with value for money and hence Samurai Scissors were born.

In identifying its range the company sought the advice of senior hair stylists and tutors from within the industry. From an initial offering of over 200 designs and styles of scissor, the professionals chose a range of 41 pieces split into three distinct brands.

1.The Classic Pro range for the senior experienced stylist combines premium Japanese stainless steel with extreme sharpness and durability.

2.The Fusion range is a cool fashionable collection finished in a multi coloured coating in Japanese stainless steel, ideal for the up and coming salon professional.

3.The Matrix range of entry/trainer level scissor for the next generation of salon professional. Again made from Japanese stainless steel the range combines quality with value.

Once the range had been chosen they were then put to the ultimate challenge by a prestigious salon academy where they were subjected to rigorous testing and passed with flying colours.

From a new start up situation in late 2006 the Company has established itself within the hairdressing scissor market place with some of the most respected wholesalers and distributers in the UK, has exhibited with great success at Salon International, is advertising in the Hairdresser’s Journal and is consistently evolving its range of styles and sizes.
In 2007, the company welcomed its latest director, Gary Davies, who has taken a leading role as the Commercial Director of Kreative Hair & Beauty Distribution.

The Company will strive to make Samurai one of the leading brands within the hairdressing industry and based on this success, will expand its product offering over the next year into other markets. 

Technical Data.

•Samurai scissors are razor sharpened for a more precise cutting and slicing action.
•Samurai Scissors are made from high carbon Japanese stainless steel which gives superior hardness; hence our blades stay sharp for a considerable period of time before the blades may need to be sharpened again.
•Matrix trainer/learner range is also made from Japanese stainless steel 420HRC for precise cutting and hardness.
•Each one of our scissor range has been specially selected for ergonomic design and ease of use.


•From 150 different styles of scissors, the Samurai range consists of 29 of the most ergonomic designs available.
•These styles were chosen by industry professionals, tutors, senior stylists and students.
•We talked to wholesalers and distributors alike to ascertain their requirements.
•Extensive research was carried out to develop a range of professional hairdressing scissors, focusing on quality and price.
•The Samurai scissor range is designed to give optimum quality and superb pricing whilst offering an excellent POR for all our retailers.
•Our own marketing research identified a brand that had to look good and offer excellent value. But at the same time our end user has to feel they are purchasing a special quality item, hence we have packaged our Samurai range in fantastic quality materials that enhance their quality and high value.
•Because of the innovative nature of the hairdressing industry, we at Kreative Hair & Beauty Distribution, aim to be at the forefront of innovation and design.•New for 2011 will be a new slim line range taking our best-selling scissors and producing them with a finer slim line blade that has a convex edge for a more precise cutting edge.


Bushido Blades are the latest addition to our range, these high quality hair razors have a 360 degree swivel thumb ring which makes for a very comfortable and ergonomic design.
Available in stainless steel or a funky tattoo design, these hair razors are already proving to be very popular.